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Places to Fall in Love

2. Grasmere, Lake District

Nestled in the heart of the Lake District, the picturesque lake Grasmere was made famous by poet William Wordsworth who lived there for 14 years. Huddled at the edge of an island-studded lake surrounded by woods and slate-coloured hills, experience the charm of this lake, especially early morning in the summer, with the rising mist. #PlacestoFallinLove

His Lover from the Lakes
by Kate Hewitt

His Lover from the Lakes

Gorgeous Italian tycoon Alessandro de Luca came to tranquil Grasmere to forget his lost love and lay his demons to rest.

Yet when he discards his former fiancée’s engagement ring, he encounters kind local girl Rachel, who could offer him a fresh perspective on life and love.

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Grasemere, Lake District